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We live in a time where the family courts are overwhelmed with cases; a time where it is difficult to get two people to agree on anything. Kevin helps his clients collaborate and reach agreements with a combination of hard work, creativity and an innate empathy for their individual dilemmas.

~ Alan D. Boyer, Marriage and Family Therapist.

Your Resolution Is Our Priority

At the time of dispute, we are here to protect your interest, as you face executing a complex series of decisions. You don’t have to face these alone. Rest assured that if things complicated for whatever reason, we are here for you.

Because you need Premier Services when facing legal disputes, and using mediation services, you need us. We have helped hundreds of individuals, families and businesses using expert care through mediation without losing sleep over the details.

How It Works

Identify The Problem

Our goal is to solve problems, but first we need to identify each issue that will pertain to each member, and then work towards resolution.

Listen With An Open Mind

Once we’ve identified the issues, it’s important to listen to each person, hearing not only their words, but understanding their goals.

Work Together

As we learn about the issues and goals, we can then work towards reaching agreements and move forward.

Need Resolution?

Important Facts: Ninety-nine percent of all cases settle out of court due to some sort of negotiation.

The average Family Law attorney in California charges three hundred fifty dollars an hour. It takes an attorney weeks or months to reach a settlement on behalf of his client through negotiation. It takes a mediator hours or days to reach a settlement with the parties. In a trial the judges decides who gets what. In mediation the parties retain control of the outcome of their matter.

About Kevin

We assist families, couples and businesses in reaching resolution in difficult situations. In addition, I help family members resolve family disputes regarding the care of elderly parents,i.e., living location and type of care to be provided. We also help our clients reach resolution in business/contact disputes, and partnership dissolution.

I have my Juris Doctor Degree from Southern California Institute of Law,a basic Mediation Training Certificate from California State University Dominguez Hills, and a specialized Mediation Training Certificate from the Superior Court, State of California, County of Ventura.

Many attorney and non-attorney mediators have not had specialized training in mediation. I have also taught Family Law,
Labor and Employment Law, and Legal Research and Writing to Paralegal Students at Santa Barbara Business College.

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From Our Clients

Kevin successfully manages the outcome of a conflict or dispute so that both parties are taken care of in the outcome. And at the end, both parties are actually winners, whereas in a court setting, there is definitely one winner and one loser.  I would highly recommend Kevin for any person or business who would like to attempt to resolve conflicts without the expense and uncertainty of a courtroom setting.

William Osgood

Kevin and I have discussed various issues and have found him tobe very thoughtful and considerate. I’ve enjoyed our discussionsand his willingness to share his knowledge and expertise.

Harold Powell

Mediation is an option that helps many people avoid the costs ofcourt, and finding an honest, knowledgeable mediator is critical. Kevin fits this bill. He is extremely honest, and strives to helpparties come to a fair resolution. I would highly recommend him!

Dr. Dave Lemons

Owner, Chiropractor Wellness Center

Kevin is a tireless worker who is generous with his time. He helps his clients collaborate and reach agreements with a combination of hard work, creativity and an innate empathy for their individual dilemmas.

Alan D. Boyer, MS, MFT

Psychotherapist & Care Manager

Let’s Work Together

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I help to facilitate the resolution and settlement of divorce, child custody,civil and contract disputes.